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Hand-Rolled Bagels, Sandwiches,
Topeca Coffee.

Bagels made with Organic Flour Unbleached flour that is never bromated and are naturally leavened using a 100-year-old sourdough starter from Switzerland.

Bagelarium Process

The Bagelarium process is simple but very exact. First and foremost,, respect for the flour and dough creation. Then hand-rolling the bagels and ensuring they are kettle boiled. Then the bagels are cooked on stone.

Bagelarium Process

Ingredients worthy of the bagel they rest on.

Boars Head meats and cheeses. Fresh-cut vegetables that are never frozen to maintain quality. House-made schemers with ingredients in them rather than flavorings, like chives in the onion schemer rather than onion powder.

The Chew.

A great bagel is all about the chew.

Any bagel can taste ok when toasted and loaded with butter. A great bagel you can bite into like an apple and be happy. Bagelarium Bagels are that type of bagel.

Be A Bagel Catering Hero

Want to show up to your meeting with a box of bagels and instantly save the meeting. Bagelarium Bagels are here for you, available for order.

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