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Andolini’s Worldwide in Tulsa

Andolini’s Worldwide is the Home of Tulsa Style Pizza

Created in Tulsa for Tulsans, the dough is incredibly soft but still strong with a chew. The toppings are abundant but never dominating or overwhelming. Everything flows and works in tandem with each other, just like Tulsa.


Want to make some dough? Then we look forward to meeting you!

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Andolini's is Pizza. Andolini's Worldwide is creating anything we stand behind utilizing the same fundamentals that made Andolini's Pizzeria a success. Most importantly, under promise and over deliver. 

Tailor-Made Experiences

"Jim and I believe that if it’s not impressive than it’s unimpressive and we only want to make food and create experiences you remember for good reason."

Mike Bausch / Owner
Mike Bausch

We Want You to Eat.

Food can be a special thing and pizza should be more than food, it should be an experience. Pizza at its best is something you share with those close to you, and create new friendships around pizza as well.

Food First.

If we don’t love it it doesn’t go on the menu. Never will Andolini’s Worldwide make something just to do it, but rather we seek to make the best version of anything we create that we love the most and then figure the rest out from there.

Meet the Bausch Brothers

Two guys who believe in hard work don't take themselves too seriously but take food super seriously. Their belief system is simple, be good to people, make the best thing you can make, and create as many jobs as possible.

Meet the Bausch Brothers

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