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NY Pizza Without NY in the Name

Chicken Wings that are brined and flavored in-house and ALWAYS made to order.
These wings rock the vote.

Zasa's Slices Always Dope

There is absolutely no denying what constitutes as a Zasa slice. The size!

Zasa's Slices Always Dope

Master of Her Domain

Zasa's menu is the brainchild of International Pizza Champion Tara Hattan. She learned her craft working the line at Andolini's and has taken the Pizza game and made it hers. Cold Shred, pickle pie, anything goes.

Zasa's is Straight-Up Pizza

You Like Pizza, of course you do;
well this Pizza is cooked on a deck oven with a NY recipe and thin crust with no flop.

Where is Zasa's?

At the intersection of rad and dope, aka Route 66 and Lewis - Mother Road Market yo!

Where to Find Us

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