STG Gelateria

  • Locations:
  • Cherry Street
  • Owasso
  • Jenks
  • Andolini's Sliced
  • Mother Road Market
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STG Stands for Specialty
and Tradition Guaranteed

Gelato is like Ice Cream the same way Oasis is like the Beatles - Mike Bausch

STG Gelato
Isn't Like
Italian Gelato

IT IS Italian Gelato, same machines, same ingredients, same process.

STG Gelato
Isn't Like
Italian Gelato

How We Make It

Slow churned Italian ice cream is made with milk, not cream. Churned at a slower rate to let the flavor shine and permeate every bite. That way you taste pistachio, not pistachios mixed in with ice cream, real peaches, not peach flavoring.

Made in Tulsa

All STG Gelato is made on Cherry Street. We make every flavor of Gelato in small micro-batches daily to ensure freshness and reduce the use of preservatives.

Try Every Flavor

We love making Gelato and want you to love it as much as we love making it, don’t choose one; sample them all. We’ll wait

Any Flavor

We make over 100 flavors of Gelato where you can really taste the inspiration and ingredients. Have a custom flavor you’d like to get for a special function?

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