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A brief history of the Bausch family and how two brothers set out to reimagine Tulsa Style pizza.

Meet The Bausch Brothers

Fifteen years separated between them in age, Jim and Mike would see Jim become VP of a Fortune 500 company while Mike would graduate College with acceptance to Law School.

Jim's transfer to Tulsa, for business would change all that as the two came together to create Andolini's as a way to break free from corporate ties and create something all their own.

Meet The Bausch Brothers

Quality From Day One

Making food from scratch was never a gimmick; it was just a conscious decision that if Andolini’s was ever going to prosper, it would be by putting the customer first. That is why Andolini’s has had a policy since day one, if a customer isn’t happy with their food for any reason whatsoever, if they are anything short of impressed, they should not pay for it.

It’s with that mindset that Andolini’s has stuck around and flourished in such a competitive environment.

Our Ventures

From Pizzerias, to Italian Gelato, hand-made Bagels, and even Philly Cheesesteaks we have our hands in a lot.

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