Tulsa Flag Mart

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  • Tulsa International Airport
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Located in the prestigious Tulsa International Airport

Tulsa Flag Mart offers locally made merchandise featuring the Tulsa flag
and items you need for a great flight.

Created in Tulsa

Tulsa Flag mart started when the Tulsa Airport needed one lone shop that was going unused to have someone create a unique space and do something cool with it. The Goal: make the shop we want when we fly out. A big bottled water, solid coffee, and food we want to eat with souvenirs that truly represent Tulsa.

What Food?

All things Andolini’s Worldwide, Andolini’s Pizzeria Slices, Bagelarium Bagels, and coffee from our good friends at Topeca.

Along with that the waters, coffee and candies Mike and Jim dig when they fly out to pizza competitions or checking out other restaurants across the world.

Why Tulsa Flags?

The Tulsa Flag is synonymous with the upstart spirit of Tulsa. If you know, you know. Tulsa is unique and deserves items that actually represent Tulsa. No generic catch-all items that any airport could sell, no these items are only available here in Tulsa.

Why Tulsa Flags?

Where in Tulsa International Airport?!

Terminal A, the one to the right that most American and Delta Flights depart from. But hey, Terminal B people are flying Southwest; it's only a few feet away, so feel free to stop in. 

Where to Find Us

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