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Catering means just that.
We cater to you.

We are ready to make your event, day, lunch, outing unique and tailored to you.

Any Event

Weddings, corporate lunch, construction crew late-night dinner, baby shower, car dealership Saturday customer feast. We are there to make sure that people have a great time eating while you look good for choosing Andolini’s Catering.

Beyond Pizza

Sure, we can bring pizzas, the food truck, or anything else Andolini’s Worldwide sells like STG Gelato or Bagelarium Bagels. We can get anything and cook anything.

If you want tacos and mashed potatoes at your event, no one stops us from making those great too.


If we ever miss the mark, you can bet we will make it right, we have 100% satisfaction guarantee because we take your trust seriously.


Need an Event Catered?

Have an event coming up that you need catered? Let Andolini’s take care of food needs for any type of event!

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